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Your personal tutor to cook up your dance skills

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Your Digital Dance Tutor

It's like having a personal dance tutor that fits your schedule and pace.

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Practice Timing and Musicallity

Master dance timing and fine-tune your ear for salsa and bachata instruments

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Watch Teacher Videos

Benefit from top industry instructors, who share exclusive dance tips and insights.

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Learn Synchronized Footwork

Our interactive stage makes mastering complex patterns a breeze.

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Why use Dance Kitchen?

Our unique approach focuses on dynamic visualization of foot movements synchronized to the music, taking you beyond traditional dance education. Don't miss out – join Dance Kitchen today and experience the future of dance education!

We are growing our community of teachers.

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Your new educational companion

Dance Kitchen serves as your personal tutor, teaching you the essential ingredients to cook up your dance skills!

Learn as Lead & Follow

Practice partner styles as a lead or follow on our interactive stage.

Switch Between On1 & On2

Perfect your timing with footwork patterns that match the tempo.

Explore Salsa & Bachata

Mix over 10 instruments and learn the basic footwork patterns.

Dance Kitchen Logo

Dance Kitchen

We're on a mission to inspire the world to dance, and empower dancers around the world. Stay tuned as we expand Dance Kitchen with additional styles and patterns!

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